Reasons and excuses (plus T.T.D = tattoo, Tokyo, diet)

Hi! So I know it's been forever since I posted anything and my excuse is lack of interest. I've been meaning to change the appearance of this blog but I really suck at technical things, so I've been reluctant to do it and because of that I didn't even want to think about this blog..... And that is my second excuse!

Atm I'm at work so I can't post any pictures, but I'll do another post later on and post some outfit pictures. I took a pretty big tattoo on my left arm (pictures will come later..!) and on 29.4. it'll become a full left arm sleeve tattoo. I took two ladies on my lower arm designed by Alphonse (Alfons)  Mucha. He's an artist born in the 1860 in Czech Republic and moved to French in 1887. He basically invented the art form nowadays known as the Art Nouveu. His works are very beautiful, feminine, delicate and distinctive. Most of his works are about women and flowers and they're very widely known even today. I think these two ladies are not the last Mucha tattoos I'm gonna take - I just love his art so much! Here's a picture of the ladies:

Click for a bigger picture! 
Next time I think I'll take some non-profile picture. lol. This works name is La Primevera.

If you want to check out more of his works, just google his name! (Alphonse Mucha)

But to other news!!


We're in Tokyo from 13.5. till 29.5. This time it's going to be me and my three friends - and one of them is getting married on this summer so it's also kind of her bachelor-holiday.... or something. We're staying in Koenji's Neko Talo again,  since it's the cheapest and that way we can all live in the same apartment - plus we love Koenji. It's so homey already. and most of our Japanese friends live there. I'm happy my tattoo is ready when we go there! Although Onsen is probably out of question after having a full sleeve tattoo... LOL. So no onsen for me - unless there is some yakuza onsen that allows the quest to have tattoos.......... ? hahah. oh dear.

But I'll make a more informative post about these subjects another time. Now it's time to do some actual work, so I'll wave my goodbyes and I hope to see you soon! Oh and btw if you have any questions about anything please feel free to ask! I might be a bit slow to answer, but I'll try my best! \o

Best regards, TOKI. 

PS. I've also started dieting and I can tell you that in 2 months I've lost 5cm around my butt and 2-3cm from everywhere else in my body for example my arms, thighs, stomach.... And this is the FIRST ever diet that's actually working on me. I know I'm not '''fat''' to begin with, but I (like many other women out there) would not mind having a bit more firm body. Plus I have noticed some other health benefits in this diet. BUT BUTBUT...... I'm not telling anything else right now! You'll just have to wait! hehe sorrysorry. BAI!

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