[ the 4th v.i.d.e.o & pics ]

So I decided to do a vlog post this time and i already want to apology, 'cos it was not so informative this time. i was in a hurry when i did it. so sorry! but hey at least i did it, yeah? heh.

I'm also sorry, that it's not in English.... maybe someday it'll be...?

but here it is:

and here are some photos:

my look when i'm at home doing particularly nothing... :D 

...bed head... 

We went to see Sherlock Holmes 2 with my sister. \o

OK now I'm in a hurry - again! ehhehh. going to Minttu's place with Anttila and i have to take Nemo out... and put some make up on and do my hair and get dressed - but hey, no biggies! :D sorry that i have been pretty lazy lately and i haven't updated this blog _at_all. ;_;  forgive me, yes?  next time i'll do something a bit more constructive. but now i gotta hurry!

Bai bai, and oh welcome all the new readers! heh. thank youuu~