x eBay Purchases x

Hello folks! 

I truly notice that the spring is finally here...! Especially by the way I'm buying stuff! (ofc I'm always surfing on the internet clothing stores in the winter too...) It's probably because the weather is getting warmer and the increase of sunshine. Atm I'm reading for the university passing exams. I have it on 7.5. (as 7th of May). And I'm totally stressed off! I also have to work and keep up my social life.  (;__;)  I'm truly happy when this spring is over.

BUT I have bought these items from eBay this month:

I Bought the black one! It's one Size so it didn't matter even if I'm bigger than the Asians.
Fashion Women's Ladies Off Shoulder Skull Rhinestone T Shirt TOP LOOSE

Price: US 12.99
EUR ~10.00   
Free shipping 

Fashion Girl Womens Korean Cute Crochet Tiered Lace Shorts Skorts Short Pants

Price: GBP: 1.99 
EUR ~2.34 
Shipping to Finland: EUR 3.51 (GBP: 2.99)

Women Side Bow Cutout Ripped Denim Sexy Skinny Slim Fit Jeans Trousers Pants

Price: US 16.69 
EUR ~12.84
Free shipping 

[Missha] The Style Color Setting Brow Mascara #1 Cacao Brown Eyebrow Makeup

Price: US 9.98
EUR ~7.68
Free shipping

 I haven't yet got the shorts or the jeans, because our post office is stupid and they had gotten the order number wrong and when i went to get the package (of the jeans ) they couldn't find it even though i had got the announcement that the package is there to be fetched. So i had to do some research and now I have the real number. And this is not the first time this same post office has screwed something up! BIG TIME!

I love the shirt! It's gonna be hit in the summer time! And I've tried out the eyebrow mascara, and it works fine and is easy to use. Later on I'm gonna tell you more about it, after i've tried it out a bit more! PS. all the bottoms i bought i took the size L (Large), because i have big hips...... -___-' it's my curse.

I've been thinking of getting a wig. And my friend told me about this Storenvy.
there was this really amazing wig! *---*

I mean... that is just gorgeous!! what do you think? 
it's not even that expensive! US 27.65 ~ EUR 21.   WE WANTS ITTT!!!! PRECIOUSSS!!! 
( i tried to imitate Gollum from the Lord of the Rings / Hobbit). 

Maybe i just should buy it..? I'm just not quite sure about the bangs. I mean I'm not sure if they fit my face. It's been ages since i had bangs that big... the only downside is, that it's synthetic hair and low heat. :(

but now i must continue working! And get some tea!

Thank you for reading!!