I have had such a horrible headache now two days… I’m starting to get kinda tired of it, to be honest. It might be because my stress is now all gone and I have NOTHING to study anymore. I'm finally FREE! Now I just try to think what I want to do next: to study more (and where) or if I should get a job. Well I already have tried to get some job, but the results have been disappointing = NO JOB FOR ME. (;_;)

I know that I'm not the only one here, who is concerned about the situation in Japan? It's really hard to watch the news... I have some friends there and that makes the worry even bigger. I've been thinking if I should donate some money for Japan's Red Cross. That's maybe the only way to really help them. I'm also afraid, that now our this year's summer trip to Tokyo will be canceled. I really miss Tokyo. And Koenji. And all the people there. 

But I finally got my clip-on hair extensions! YAY! (yeah, it took 2 months to get them...gosh) Finland's post screwed something BIG TIME and the first packet where send back to China, because I didn't get the notice that the packet is in Finland. So yeah, I'm happy that I finally have them! And I banned the whole Finland's post-system.... Screw them all!!!11 *angry* 

Some pictures that I took (with the extensions): 

And with my lovely gray beanie, that my Grandmother knitted for me. Love it, thanks granny! 

I finally have time to go to a hair salon (on Monday) and dye my hair. It's atm looking a bit hideous...

Here are also some other pics... I'm lady domina, good evening! LOL  but I love that fur-thing! (*__*)

We went shopping with my Mom, although all I bought was this kitty cup. And some lemon cake and Macaron. That cup is from Tokyokan, and I had to buy it because in Koenji in our apartment, there were exactly the same cup and I always drank coffee from it. Oh the memories! That cup really makes me happy. Nostalgic. 

Lemon-cake, Macaron and my new cup!

My new bag
What a crappy picture... but for now that will do it! 

She is so good.... and the pictures are AWESOME! I think :D heh.  There is also the new head banner. BUT it is not ready yet. This one is just a replacement. I'll do the final one next week. I'm going to draw something.... something.... 

But now I have nothing else to say, so I'll go to get a painkiller and try to cope with this enormous headache. A massage would not be bad.... MOMMY! I'll ask her... hehehehhe. Sorry that I have been very lazy with this blog, but everything will change now that I have time. I maybe try to do some tutorials and a new vlog...? 

but thanks everyone and please, leave comments, questions, suggestions etc... love ya all!