Men's egg preview 4 U

So, as I said some time ago, I was supposed to do a men's egg preview (a long time ago, though...) and here it is! FINALLY! I'm sorry it took some time to do it, but I've been kinda busy with studying and reading and other stuff, so this blog had to step aside for a while. I'll start with adding some scans, that I took from Men's egg's November and January numbers. Sorry for their pretty bad quality, but my scanner is not that super anymore... heh. 

In first pic: Ayumu, with jean jacket. If you want to be fashionable in Japan next spring/summer, i suggest you to get yourself a jean jacket! Jean and denim is now HOT! First i thought ''dear god no..'' 'cos i really don't like denim clothes that much - especially when they're that same old deep blue colored - but now that i think about it, it's kinda cool, isn't it?

 Some other proof that denim is now in... ofc it's good if you take some time and pimp your clothes and make them unique. that's at least what i'm gonna do with one of my jean jacket...(to be continued..)

And AH, fur! furry, furry, furry... everything furry is now hot. You might already know about the furry foxtails? well, that's not all: furry leg warmers, hats, jackets, bags....etc. everything counts! Also leopard-pattern on fabric is cool. I didn't even make an effort on counting, how many animal-patterned clothes were included in ONE men's egg. I must say, that now my furry leopard jacket is very, very in! and at the time when i bought it, it was almost non-cool. (u can see the jacket from the side banner: in the pic i have jeans, colu-shirt and that jacket... \o )

And then i just add some random scans and comment them - IF i have something interesting to say about them....


                             Kiona (Naoki), Yukihide and Yuki.

Kiona again. I must say, that he's one of my fav men's egg -models. Especially with that blond hair, he's just too cute. (and what a nice personality too...!)

Yukihide Sawamoto. I think he has the biggest variation in poses...? although his expression doesn't change that much. heh. he's just super cool!! (*---*)

Tokyo street snapshots! I just fell in love with the guy on the right upper corner! His style is easy, stylish but distinguished! and I adore his pants... *sigh*

Yukihide Sawamoto again... His jeans are also very cool and IF I could find jeans like that somewhere, i would definitely buy them! i prefer the style, which he has on the smaller picture. Even though the blackjacked style is also very fine. I love the idea, of turning boots like that. I've been looking for some shoes that i could turn around like that too. yet haven't been very lucky... *sad*

I will show you now some clothes that i have bought:

(i think these jeans are pretty girlish... but i still like them! they look good, when i turn and lift the other leg and let the other one be long and loose.)

My foxtail and one furry thing i bought from Sweden. I took the men's egg's advice about furry things granted!

 Two leopard-patterned shirts. \o/  i have always loved these kinds of fabrics.

           U can never have enough ''gay scarfs'' in your closet! ;)

And finally! this is the jean jacket that i mentioned before... i haven't yet decided what do with it, but i have some ideas already. I'm so inspired by the fur now, that maybe i add some fur in this one too.. the collar looks so lonely with no decoration on it. It would be my spring jacket, 'cos now it's just too cold to wear anything like this in Finland.. (;_;)

But for now i have nothing else to say, so i hope you liked this post! btw, i have birthday TOMORROW! lol. just remembered it... I'm gonna be 19 ! doesn't seem like it, though.

BaiBai, and have a nice holiday :)) (in Finland... heh)


OH i almost forgot...

one of the photos that we took in the photoshoot:

Thanks to Enni and Rosa! :) luv U! (there are more to come!)

And other video from the photoshoot. AGAIN  sorry about the 24/7 rofl, but it was fun! and i tried not to laugh while Enni was taking the photos, but it was very hard to keep my pokerface. hehe.

I was too lazy to change the font in this post... so you just have to be satisfied with this one - even though i think it looks hideous! But now, Baibai! :))




we had a little photoshoot with my friends,and this is what we have achieved so far... 
as the video said ''to be continued''. 
You'll see the rest of the videos and ofc the photos too... be patient! 

please, enjoy the preview! 

and don't mind about our stupid ''jokes''   lol.  

next time i'll do the men's egg's short review and maybe add some pics too! by the way, i'm going to redo my blog's head banner! it's going to be awesome and exciting! looking forward to it. 

but until next time,
baibai  xxx  toki