* Shoe Dilemma *

So as the headline says, I'm having A MAJOR SHOE DILEMMA!!! 

I've been wanting to get new shoes like for ages, but I can be quite picky when it comes to shoes. I don't want them to be too masculine, but not too ladylike either. I don't want the heels to be too high, 'cos I'm afraid of braking my ankles. And I don't want real leather (because animal rights) and if the shoes are fake leather, I'm not ready to pay more than 40€. Unless they are absolutely fabulous and I want them really bad!

I've been admiring Jeffrey Campbell's Lita -shoes for ages, but first of all they put down my two major rules:

* Too expensive (I mean come on? They're really nice shoes, but 200€??? phew... )
* Too high
(* I don't know if they're real leather, but if they are, then 3 major rules...)

Especially these Spiked Litas are just........ drooooolllll~

picture taken from tumblr.com

I also would not want to go with the flow, so to speak. I'd like to be a bit more unique.

I found similar shoes to these from Aliexpress.com  and they costed way less, but still... the height. I mean aren't those girls wearing these shoes afraid that one stumble on the street while walking and you might end up having loose and aching ankles for the rest of your life or even ending up at the emergency room?

Well I'm not the one to judge those girls - somehow I even admire them for having the balls to wear these shoes. 

but nevertheless these are the shoes I was thinking of buying instead:

I like it that these shoes have some heel.  (Jeffrey Campbell fakes.
lol I don't give a s...... :DD ) also in white.

Link here!  

2013 rivet boots motorcycle boots

Price: US $38.56 / Pair
Approximately € 28,93 / Pair

I like the pretty masculine look, and the stud cross.


Modernlily martin boots

US $49.27 / Pair 
Approximately € 43,50 / Pair

I like the leopard pattern (goes well with my two jackets) and the creeper's style.

Winter Fashion Leopard Grain Lace Up Wedges

Price: US $34.00 / piece
Approximately € 25,51 / piece

i love these, but unfortunately they're out of my size. These comes in
black, white and brown. And I love them all! * lonely tear *

fashion wedges rivet boots for women

Price: US $27.87 / piece
Approximately € 20,91 / piece

I love it that these are so clumsy but so feminine at the same time.
Comes also in brown color! 

Winter new rivets lace-up platform shoes

US $35.07 / Pair 
Approximately € 30,96 / Pair 

Pretty much all these shoes have Free Shipping Worldwide. I really like them all so WAAAAHH what should I do?

What do you think? Which shoes are the best looking, coolest, etc.? Help me here, please? :D 

So comment me or answer to the quote on the side border! Thank you all! kisses, kisses.


Shoes Number: 







The London

It's almost a shame to admit, that I've been very busy the whole summer. My aunt came from Germany to Finland. Shen was here almost a month. And that whole time we were in our summer cottage. It was really fun, but at some point I realized that I wanted to come back to city and spend some time with my friends - rather than slacking off and doing nothing. But hey! I made progress in reading The Lord Of The Rings! It's now my third time - I think I'll never get bored to it! Such an awesome book. Really recommend it if you haven't read it yet. :)

Now I'm going to post some pictures that I took from London, as promised! I don't photoshop or modify my pictures (because i think it's lying - in some way. Not like if you put some more contrast or light in it, but if you remove or change anything in the actual picture, that is lying. Don't get me wrong here... please? ) But as I was saying the pics might not be superb quality or extremely accurate, but forgive me.

(there are quite a bit of these......so bear with me, okay? :D lol )

From left to right: Anna, Rosa and Riina. we were heading for the city. :)

the urban neighborhood. 

the view from near by park. you can actually see the city's skyscrapers - far, far away. 

we traveled a lot by bus. It was easy, quite cheap and
you were able to see the landscapes. 

closing to Big Ben!!!! We had these so called Oyster cards,
which are good if you want easily travel with bus, tube, trains or anything. 

We had to take a picture of this sad, sad lion.
Don't know what it's actually called...? someone
educate me?

The famous parliament building and big ben. 

The London Eye. I wanted to go there,
but we didn't have the time. :( next time, next time.

As you can see, it was such a jolly ride!
Ofc at the second floor of the bus. 

I forgot my black leather jacket at summer cottage,
so i was bound to take the not-as-nice brown jacket.

poor horses... standing there all day... :((

Riina @ bus. 

some ''turre'' pictures. :D turre as tourist. 

Riina was pretty HOLY! lollollol

the British Museum. It was HUGE and AWESOME!
Also free admittance!!11 

Riina and the mummies <3 ''Okayyyy!''

lol my stomach area looks fat, because of the wind
blowing from behind. :--D hahha

Don't know what this pose is for...?
we were going to the museum............ 

our last day in London - so we went to a bar! It was a really nice place.
from left to right: Onni (means lucky, he was Rosa's British boyfriend.
Don't know why he was called Onni though), Rosa and Paula.  

Richard (Anna's boyfriend) or Rikardo or Dick or Jorma. hehhe And
Anna and her friend Harry. 

the drinks were pretty strong but also tasty! yum. 

And the morning when we were leaving.
Anna's house. We don't have pics from the inside
of the house. It was quite messy.... :D

Misty Mountains. it was raining and I was pissed.
we had about 20 minutes walk to the nearest station.
in the rain and 6:30 am in the morning with the heavy bags.
Also a 1,5 hours in three different trains. 

So there you go! You still alive there? kicking good? Great! I'll make soon another post about my daily outfits. SO STAY TUNED!!! Oh and we also did a lot of shopping on Oxford Street and Stratford's center. I bought that gray top from TOPSHOP, it was on sale ~20£, and also I bought the cutest My Little Pony underpants from TopShop. I also spent a lot of money in Forever21, bying one maxidress (gray with unsymmetrical hem and stud cross), one short dress with denim bustier and rose patterned, unsymmetrical hem. And one sale top from NEWLOOK and some DVDs including Star Wars 4-6 BOX. AWESOME!

And we didn't get to eat fish and chips. We were supposed to, but at the time it was possible we did not feel like eating something fatty. The weather was fairly good during the whole trip. And sometimes it was even hot! Overall I liked Britain and London very much - especially the people. They were truly kind and warm. So thank you Britain! I rest my case.

And there is one favor I'd like to ask: Could you PLEASE tell me what would you like me to write about? I haven't been active with this blog, since I don't know what to write about. So please help me out here. 

Thank you very much!