Name: Sanni / TOKI
Birthday: 24.02.1992
Country: Finland

Profile: Pretty ordinary girl with extraordinary thoughts and opinions. I want to follow my own style, and do things that i find interesting. I'm true pessimist but always hoping for the best. And as my motto goes: expect the best but prepare for the worst! I'm still in a process of finding my true self and the future that is pointed for me. I find life exciting and terrifying at the same time, but i'm molding it to be the perfect place for me to fulfill my dreams and becoming the person i want. I'm always preparing for the zombie apocalypse and other catastrophic events, but nevertheless i still manage to find everyday life fun. Especially with my friends. I've been blessed with the best family and the best friends that anyone can dream of and I'm truly thankful for that. 

I do not follow any certain style or fashion and it's good, because i like to change my looks on a daily bases. Sometimes i want to be covered in lace and pretty things and sometimes i find boots, distressed jeans and black clothes more pleasing. i like to make a little twist in everything and tuning my clothes is one way to do it. i'm interested in healthy style of living and due to that I'm not that much of a party girl. I enjoy watching movies with my friends more that going out and partying the whole night. Ofc house parties are nice! get home early, drink some tea, pet my lovely dog and go to bed before dawn - that's me! 

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog and I'm always open for new ideas and critic.  Thank you!!


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