[Volume to your hair - with minimal effort]

Okay, so this post is about getting your hair airy and fluffy - with minimal effort of course!
The result depends on the quality of your hair: is your hair naturally curly or extremely hard to curl even with irons and stuff. I know my hair is naturally quite curly and you can test it by making a small braid and keeping it ~20mins and if your hair is already curled after opening the braid then you have a easily curving hair. it's sometimes a pain in the ass, 'cos a little humid outside can ruin a straight hair in 5 minutes. mine is like that...

but okay so what you need to do this is:

- a good comb. or a brush or what ever you prefer.

- some pretty strong and lifting styling mousse

- okay this is additional, but i try to keep my hair also in a good shape so some moisture spray if you want to follow my exact foot steps.

- salt water spray. for example the L'ORÉAL Paris' Matt and Messy, shine free salt water spray. It actually works and it makes the hair less silky and a bit sticky.

- some strong hairspray.

- and something to tie your hair up on a bun.

ALRIGHT! so these are the products I'm using:

First of all you need to do this in the evening!!

*But after showering and drying your hair naturally so long that it's not dripping water anymore, put a fair amount of Styling Mousse on your palm. gradually apply it all over your hair, especially in the root. IF you have less-curly hair apply it all over. even to the tips.

*Then apply the Moisture Spray all over your hair but especially in the tips now. That Shwarzkopf''s Moisture Kick spray that i use also helps with electrical and dry hair. it doesn't say so in the bottle but usually the electrical effect is due to air and hair dryness. and in Finland in winter time the air is extremely dry... and also blow drying makes your hair a bit electrically charged.

*Now blow dry your hair with your head upside down.

* After this spray the Salt Spray all over your hair. It makes it a bit sticky and less silky so it's easier to handle.

*Now you need to backcomb your hair all over. It's easier after using the salt spray. TIPS! start from the bottom and work your way up. Spray Hairspray to the root and then backcomb it up. it doesn't have to look  nice at this point. this is just preparations. After backcombing your hair all over  apply hairspray again.

* After this put your hair on a bun on the top of your head and go to sleep. the bigger the bun the bigger waves you'll get. If you make the bun while your hair is still wet it'll be more curly. I can't quite do this 'cos it's almost too curly for my hair.  Here's a picture of my morning face and hair with a messy bun:

It doesn't look appealing... nor sexy. but it works. okay so here's the AFTER shot:

Note: all i did was open the bun and let my hair fall down. you can spray hairspray again and backcomb it a bit to make sure it lasts. but this is my hair in the mornings when i don't have time to use hair straightener.

And now some bit more representative pictures. I bought some new clothes from NastyGal.com. A black see-trough blouse with studded crosses on chest, one spiky necklace and one ripped, cream colored sweater. I had to declare it and it costed 20 euros.... but the clothes were totally worth it!

shirt: Reverse, ~30€ from Nastygal.com

i must apologize for the pictures' BAD quality... 

We had a ''eating-drinking-party'' at Myrre's place.

Myrre making some Pokémon cookies.!!!

there was so much food that i almost rolled my way to home. 

Going to work and saying good bye to Nemo. 

My Mom gave me this as a christmas present.
It's OnePiece of Norway. I love it! SOOO WARM.

Oh and i cut myself half-bangs! 

The zipper goes all the way up. 

Sir. Toki. with a scarf. 

the new ripped sweater/knitwear from Nastygal.com

Costa Blanca, 30€. Nastygal. com
and now some random pics:

we made a gingerbread house with my cousin, she's 9-years old.
it was my idea and she got to decorate the roof. i did the rest.
you can also spot Pikku Myy and Muumimamma.
Muumipeikko was on the other side of the house. 

My brother moved to Helsinki, so
i made him a clock, because he's always late. ....
it came out pretty cool, actually! 

we were getting some stuff for my brother from ikea, so i bought
one beautiful mirror at the same time. I don't have a place for it yet, but
when i have my own apartment it will find it's place. 

and finally we were having some cheese fondue with my Mom. and some
grapes. YUMMY!!! i bought that fondue for her as christmas present. :)

Okayyyy Guys that's it for now!! i hope i didn't make too many typos, but if i did, I'm sorry! heh.

See you soon!