A Common Picture Vomit:

Hello everyone! This time i was too lazy to do a [Tokyo First Aid Kit] post, so I decided to post some of the pictures that i have token in the autumn/winter time. First of all, MERRY X-MAS TO EVERYONE!!!  I have purchased almost all of the gifts that i'm gonna give to my family and i tell you, it wasn't easy! Only my sister's gift is now missing, but i'll take care of it today.

A lot has happened in my life lately. Some of the things are good, and some of them are not so good. But at the moment i am relatively happy and pleased about my life. I'm excited about the New Year's Eve - me and some of my friends are going to my friend's cottage, and we'll be there maybe 2-3 nights, and just have a good time while drinking, eating, playing games and going to sauna. Oh and watching movies. I'm the cook, like always, so I have a big responsibility. Particularly when there is a one vegetarian aboard. (and some of my friends are pretty picky, when it comes to foods and spices. heh.) But i think i can manage it somehow. :)

So, what have you wished for Christmas this year? I'm curious to know! :D heh.
I wished for supernatural season 1 DVD, and the walking dead season 1 DVD and Trivial Pursuit, the board game. And the GazettE's new album, TOXIC. That's about it. and ofc money, 'cos next year i need money so that i can go to Japan again. heh. I already have some savings though... but extra shopping money is always nice! \o/

So now the pictures. I didn't have the time to put any effort in these, so I'm sorry about their bad quality. ;_; please forgive me. and hey, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone! :) I already know my next year's promise - I'm going to teach my dog how to growl on command. very useful promise, isn't it? lol.

I was going to my friend's house warming party. 

All the clothes are so black that it's hard to tell what is what...

I bought a new jacket. :) it's warm <3

Going to a friend's Cocktail Party. the Dress code was cocktail.
So that's why I'm so formal. 

I also had a black bow on my neck. 

I looked like a pirate waitress... don't you think? But it was an awesome party!

.... No comments. 

We were going to a pub with my sister and her boyfriend. :) so i thought the
English-theme on my shirt was pretty suitable. 

White, White, White... 

I like this hair-do. 

And yet again, A friend's House Warming party. I had a mini leather jacket on top of that,
but it didn't make it to the picture. :(

OK. so Now it's done! Thank you for all the readers and followers, and see you next year! ;) Now I'm going to put some make up on and brush my hair and go to buy the present for my sister. and maybe get a cup of coffee at Katja's place afterwards. if you have any comments or questions, feel free to be vocal and use blogger or formspring to let me know about them. I wish you all a happy Christmas and at the moment, my biggest wish is, that Finland could get a WHITE CHRISTMAS.... ;_; snow... i want snow...