* Teeth Whitening *

So i just wanted to share my experience with these teeth whitening products!

First of all I drink coffee and tea - a lot of tea, i'm like a sponge! I don't drink fizzy drinks like cola or sprite, but i do drink juices. and i smoke occasionally.... so all these harm my teeth and discolor them. I became very self-conscious about the color of my teeth. and it did affect my self-esteem.

So last summer i tried this Pepsodent White Now -paste for four weeks (we were in Japan and I bought this paste for the journey and i threw it away when we left Japan).

it promises immediately whiter teeth but for my experience it did nothing. Maybe the change was to subtle that I didn't notice it. But it was a total waste of money. And yes I used it at least twice a day.

So i started to look for other options. I really thought about going to the dentist to get them whitened, but... jeez it's __really expensive! about 400-500 euros! this one La Chica does it for 140e-350e. the cheapest one is a basic whitening and there are other options and prices depending on how white you want you teeth.

So i think for my budget it is too expensive!

So finally my friend in Japan told me that she had used this Crest 3D White Strips and that they really worked! The only problem was that you cannot buy these from Finland's drug stores. God bless we have eBay!! (i'n not even religious.)

So i went to search these from eBay and they had many options - some expensive and some inexpensive. I did some comparing and i found the best price! They were bout 11e/9 pouches. (Link to the site)
I just noticed that they do not ship to Finland anymore...? What is going on? I just bought these strips from this seller and i was going to buy more later on... OK.

I sent the seller a message considering this matter. That's weird really.

well anyways! I used these strips one in every morning and they did work! My teeth are not yellow anymore! They're not super-extremely white, but I wouldn't even want that - i wished for naturally white teeth. I was quite happy with the result. The package contained 9 pouches which includes 2 strips - one upper and one lower strip.

So how you use them? 

* first of all, don't brush your teeth right before the strips! It might irritate your gums more. My gums are pretty healthy atm so it did not hurt for me, except the first morning when i brushed my teeth just before applying these. 

* make sure you get the strip in every corner so it affects your whole teeth. 

* Dry your teeth before applying! With paper or breathing through your mouth for a moment. The strip stays on and affects better that way! 

* After taking them off you have a nasty gel on your teeth and i just flushed my mouth with cold water to get rid of it. 

At first you won't be seeing much change. For me it took about 4 days before I noticed any difference, but keep using them nevertheless! I don't have any BEFORE/AFTER -pictures, but I'll link some other pics:

I was very skeptic about this product at first, but now I'm a believer. It says that the effect will last about 12 months. And I recommend you to use at least 9 pouches (7 if your teeth are not that yellow) - more if you want even whiter teeth. but use them daily unless you feel too much irritation on your gum. Then just take the strips away. Too strong pain is not normal and you should stop if it occurs.

For those who don't want to put plastic in mouth i recommend other ways. I have heard about mixing a little bit of water and baking soda together, making it into a paste and rubbing it to your teeth with toothbrush. This should be done 2-3 times in a week. it starts to affect after 2 weeks - so it's not as fast as this is, but it's natural, cheap and pretty safe. I'm going to try it soon and I'll come here and tell you if anything has changed or if it works! I'll be your guinea pig!

I'll tell you more about this topic when i have more info. Thank you for reading!

Please ask if you have any questions!