[ NewsflasH : To Tokyo VOL.4 ]

Hello! it's been a while - again. But i really didn't have anything to write about... Now nevertheless i have some big announcements to make! First of all, we are going to Tokyo with my good friend Rina, on 30.5. and we'll come back to Finland on 2nd of July. So it will be another one month trip! This time it's just me and Rina, and our friend Sari, who lives in Tokyo. Oh and ofc Myrre is there with her boyfriend a couple of days after our arrival. We got an apartment from Shinjuku - which is kinda exciting, but at the same time a little scary, because the neighborhood is unfamiliar to the both of us, when Koenji feels homey and safe.

We got our apartment from Sakura House which is a company, that rents apartments for long and short stays and also a dormitory and share house stays. Our apartment is not big - to be exact, it's only 19m^2  SMALL but it's location is very good, and it looked kinda cozy. and to be honest, do we really need an enormous flat, just to sleep in? don't think so. OK the one month rent is a little bigger that i wished for ( 105 000 yens = 1044€ ) and we had to pay an extra 30 000 yens for the reservation, but we'll get 15 000 yens back after we move out. and then there'll be an extra 20 000 yens fee for every additional person staying in the apartment. Which means me in this case. so yes, it's a bit expensive but i wanted to have our own apartment and the location was also important to us.... But our flights were quite cheap so this compensates it.

And one minus is that our flight departures at 9.45 AM on 2.7. so we have to leave our apartment already on 1.7. So we decided to get a hotel room for that night. I reserved a room from a hotel near to Narita's airport. it was only 60€ for two persons room- so it was very cheap! and the best part is, that the hotel has a free bus transportation to the airport and it takes only 12-15mins, so we don't have to drag our big and heavy bags in the local trains in the morning AND we get to sleep a bit longer! ofc it is again an extra cost to the trip, but besides that, i think it's very convenient. and the hotel looked AWESOME! lol.

I booked our hotel VERY EASILY from Hotels.com. I just searched hotels from Narita (close to Narita's airport) and rooms for two people (one night stay) and it gave me the alternative room options from the cheapest to the most expensive ones. and the booking was so easy! you can pay the room from that instant without any difficulties. My only little problem was that at first it did't recognize my Visa Electron as Visa ELECTRON and it complained that my credit card number was wrong, but Visa Electron is NOT a credit card so we did have a bit of a fight with the booking system, but then i gave up and put the card as a Visa and i got the room booked. other than that, it was very easy, and i now have a booking number for the room and it's already paid from my account so everything is ready! For any other questions please contact me and i'll try to answer them!

to other topics, i have truly fell in love with over sized shirts. i have now started to get some cool summer clothes for Tokyo and i'm pretty happy for all the matter that i have already purchased. here are some pics - but some of them are pretty old so...... heh.

i was tired........  (._____.)'' 

I honestly hate my hair in this one......
 it looks like some old hag's dying pubic hair.  -__-'
no offence to the old hags! \o

i think, personally, that these shoes are amazing! but.. they're SO high... ;_;
I'm afraid i'll never use them because of that. 

dress from Nelly.com and the HIGH shoes. they make
legs appear very long and thin - and i like it. ;_; sigh
and sorry about the crappy picture! lol

i have fell in love with blouses! *---* all kinds of them! 

sorry, i have my night pajamas on..... :---D and my dog behind me.... lol

--the same without the red lipstick. 

this was in the mid winter, when it was still very cold outside.  

i look kinda Russian..? :--D 

Oh yeah, i forgot to tell one thing! I am now officially going to take my first tattoo. I wanted to have it before our Japan trip, but it was impossible, so it's going to be on 5.7.  11.00 AM. to be honest, i'm pretty nervous, not because it might hurt, but because i don't want the situation to be awkward and uncomfortable with the tattooist. he's a very big and scary looking bald man, but pretty funny and kind. still...... i usually don't like random people to touch me. that's one reason why i have gone to the same hairdresser every time for the last 5 years (and partly 'cos she is nice and skillful). and if anyone is interested, the tattoo will be on my left arm/shoulder and it's going to have some hummingbirds and lilies in it. i drew the picture myself, but the tattooist is allowed to do some changes - if he needs to. I need to go to the tattoo shop also on 22.5. 'cos he wants to discuss a bit more about the tattoo and he wants to see some pictures that i like and don't... or something.

But i think that's mostly about it! now i'm gonna make some tea and watch the telly! or a movie with Paul Bettany in it! I love him.... :)  

But thank you all, and have a nice spring time! I wish you all the best and happiness!