There and Back Again, By S.H.

So I finally had the time to do a post about my looks and clothes. Some of these pictures are already kinda old (like few months old) especially the ones with the winter coats since it's already spring in Finland (oh yes, it did finally come!!) and in some of these I don't yet have my new tattoos so I think you're able to spot the not-so-fresh-photos. 

on 29.4. I'm going to take a new addition to my left arm , which I have the tattoos on and it's going to be a full sleeve tattoo ever since, so the kinda crazy looking part-tattoo-part-skin thing which I'm having right now is going to be gone for good! And if you're wondering how expensive these tattoos are my answer will be: not that much for something you're going to have forever. Think about jeans that never wore off or a cake that lasts until you die... and you'll get my point of view! 

So now to the pictures! 

 I love this fur coat on the upper picture! The downside is that it's not that warm, so it's definitely not a winter coat, but a spring/autumn jacket. I also love the top that I'm wearing, it's from Illustrated People. Ps. can you see some creepy stalker on the background? lol

 I had a loose knitted sweater and a cross top underneath it. The top is from Saints and Mortals.

This was taken when it was really cold in Finland. I mean like -17 degrees Celsius. I had one of my favorite shirts on : a Star Wars the Empire Strikes Back T-Shirt. It's actually men's XL-size so it's almost like a skirt to me. and that big lump under my head is a BIGBIGBIG muffle tube scarf, which was necessary in those winter conditions.

Another top from Illustrated People and a high rise ripped shorts. 

And then I'd like to share with you some of the drawings I have made during the dark, long, cold, dark, depressing, cold, long and dark winter! I kinda found my inspiration again and I'm pretty happy about that too! It's been quite a while since I really did draw something.... And beforehand I'd like to announce that YES I AM A HOBBIT FAN! just deal with it. lolll.

Yessssss I love Thranduil. And I personally think that Lee Pace is absolutely freakishly sexypapa. So another YES I had to draw him.. But I did this for my friend. I promised that I would draw her a Thranduil after we went to see the Desolation of Smaug. So I had no other choice. And I think it turned out pretty good! The size is almost A4 and it took about one month to do it since I was also having other things to do incl. work, sleep, friends, etc. But this was fun to do nevertheless!

My camera is not so good so you cannot see all the little details in the hair and in the crown but this is the best I could do! Sorry.

And here are some other things I have done: 

this one is actually still in process. It's for my
Mom and I don't know what colors I should
use so the work is in pause. I was inspired by
Alphonse Mucha in this one...

the next 3 pictures were for my aunt.
I added some text behind the peacock
but it was after the photo was taken...

a broken glass bird. or something.

Semperflorens = forever blooming.

Thorin Oakenshield done very quickly. It was my friend's
birthday card. And oh I know the photo is SO BAD!
but it was taken in a hurry. lol

these were also cards for my Granny and for my aunt. My granny loves flowers
so the Bush Roses were for her.

And yet again a picture for my aunt. this was done in last summer so it's
almost a year old. Apparently my aunt loves my paintings/drawings....?
and I love to paint white roses. figures ?

I would like to tell you about my aunt since I've been talking about her in this post. She's my mother's younger sister who moved to Greece in the early 90's. She fell in love with a man called Christo and they got married. After living in Greece they moved to Germany, Frankfurt in the late 90's. My aunt speaks fluently Finnish, English, Greek, German, French and also some Swedish - so she's quite skilled. In Frankfurt they got their first - and only - child. She was named after my grandmother with a Finnish name, Maija. After Maija was born they moved to a small town called Langenthal. They bought a huge house which was in a horrible condition and even though they were poor they manage to live somehow. My aunt is a ceramist so she brought the bread to the table. The husband, Christo, was no good. Only spending their already little income in some random megalomaniac stuff  while gaining no money himself.

He was a horrible man. A true narcissist in the word's true meaning. Always putting my loving and caring and kind aunt down with horrible ways. He had said that if my aunt tries to leave him, he comes to Finland and kills her parents. And my aunt could not visit Finland because Christo did not want to leave and she could not leave Maija alone with Christo. So she was imprisoned in their huge never-to-complete house. She was truly unhappy and afraid of her husband. And we could do nothing. We visited her as often as we could and tried to help her with the house. My Grandfather is a skilled man in repairing and building so he help with fixing the house. 

Two years ago Christo got a serious lung cancer. He had been smoking since a small kid so it was only a matter of time when he would get sick. The doctors gave him 3-5 years time to live and in 2 weeks he was dead. There was nothing the doctors could have done since the cancer was spread to other organs too. Even though Christo had been verbally, mentally and possibly physically abusing my aunt she was in a shock and she cried hysterically when my mother called her. It's been now two years since Christo died and the house is now fully renovated, my aunt has a better job and studying to become a kindergarten teacher and they visit Finland as often as they can and we also visit them in Germany. Maija has never cried in front of us about her father and she seems like a happy child. She's now 10 and doing all the things a child in that age should do. 

I just wanted to share this with you, since I truly appreciate and respect my aunt, because she is so strong and wonderful person. We are extremely close and before she moved to Greece and when me and my brother were little she would always come to see us whenever she could and she loved us like her own children. And that's why when she asks me to do some paintings for her I cannot refuse. 

Thank you for reading and I hope this gave you some hope whenever you're feeling down. Everything can turn out just well if you're just patient enough! 

Everyone have a great spring and next time i'll tell you about my diet and maybe even show you some pictures... heh.