[ Mentally busy days ]

I know I've been a bad girl, since the last post was made months ago... and I know that some readers have left due to that. So I must apologize!! i'm sincerely sorry, but I've been very busy lately. Not maybe physically, but mentally. My mind has been all over the place and very occupied so I haven't had time to think about my blog. I'm sorry!

I just applied to Helsinki's university. and guess what? if i get in, I'm going to study of becoming an elementary school teacher. It's not my dream job, but since i haven't studied since high school i thought it's already time to move on with my life and do something. I have a job so i've been working and collecting money, but it still feels like i'm just hanging loose. So i've been very stressed up lately.... I cannot consider myself truly happy or satisfied with my life, so that's why i want to do something about it. Even though it kinda freaks me out a bit... wish i could just be a child again! no worries at all and just playing around. lol.

but now to some bit happier news! I'm going to Amsterdam with my mom! it's been her dream since ages and now she can finally fulfill it. We're going to be there from 13.4. to 16.4. and then travel by train to Germany, Frankfurt to see my aunt & cousin.

Amsterdam in Netherlands. So beautiful.....!
i know there is the 'red lantern' part of the town, which i really wanna visit!
PS. not green lantern this time. lol
I red that the Amsterdam's canals are 400 years old this year. That's
pretty amazing! 
Have you ever visited Amsterdam? And if you haven't would you like to? 

I've started watching Game of Thrones with my friend. and first i was kinda confused about the amount of names and characters and i needed my friend to explain who was who, but now after watching the first season (and bits of the second) i'm more or less aware of the characters names. it's hard though. I have such a bad name memory. haha. And i love Sean Bean! or Mr. Bean as i call him. And also her daughter, Arya, is just so good character. She reminds me a bit of Pikku Myy or Lilla Myy from the Moomin's.


And dear god i hate Joffrey!!!!!!!! He just... dkjlfhdkjfhkjdfh. makes me so mad. I thought the governor in the Walking Dead was too much of smug to handle, but no he's nothing compared to Joffrey. But I can say that he's a well made character and the actor is also very good, 'cos he really annoys me!

Have you watched Game of Thrones? And who is your favorite character?

Alright enough of this... i'll just post some pics from my outfits now! tadaahh~

I dyed my hair with this ''gray'' semi permanent
color and it turned my hair purple. :))

BUT in some light it actually looks gray.
depends on the lightning. 

But i still wasn't happy so i kept looking
for the perfect color.... 

Hairstache! I bought that denim shirt form
Estonia. it was on sale. and i love sales.

the hat is actually form my brother.
I can't wait to get to use it in Spring/Summer.

Hairstache vol. 2 ! 

the lace jacket is from asos.com!
it's by thirtyfour disciples. 

it was also on sale and costed about 40e. 

a big messy bun! with my dark roots showing...
don't worry i already have an appointment to
a hair saloon. 

Jacket: asos. com RIVER ISLAND. ~80e.
Shirt: Tokyo, Harajuku. 

I choose not to use any photoshop, 'cos
i don't like the fashion magazines using it either.
but covering your face is sometimes OK! lol
PS. Shoes: Zalando.fi, Even&Odd ~from sale 40e.

And i got these from my brother! he was in Osaka for about 10 days.

the latest Men's egg! I asked for some women's magazines, but he claimed
that he couldn't find any. He was just too embarrassed to buy any. haha.

But i was really happy about this too! :)  I have a great brother!

i think he is kinda cute.... don't know his name though.

urban style~ 

Don't you think that he looks a bit like Oguri Shun?
or is it just me? 
 Here is for comparison: 


Oh and last but not least, he bought me Moomin toothpaste. it tastes like grape
and it's awful... XDDD but super cute!

Now I'm offfff~ going to make some lunch. :))

thank you for reading and i hope you liked it! Comment and ask anything you want!


btw. i just turned 21 last month! woohoo!