[ When the sun still shines ]

Wooo I'm back to Finland. Sadly. And I have enormous troubles with transferring the japan photos from by phone to the computer. the system is so stupid and annoying and i've been trying to do this now like 45 mins and still doing it! ARRGGHH! I'm getting very anxious because of this stupid son of a mother! it doesn't want to move all the pictures, 'cos there is some error and oahfijdahf. okay, cooling myself down.....

IF i manage to get the photos to the computer i'll put some pics here - otherwise this post will be pretty pictureless ( i just came up whit that word, cool right?). alright i was able to get some pics from the phone. not all of them but i'm so pissed off right now, that this will do it for now... 

oh dear! time flies so fast - it feels like it's been forever since we left from Tokyo. btw i had one little accident in Japan.... I've wanted gray hair since last year's summer, and this time in Tokyo i thought that i'll finally fulfill my dream and i bought two gray hair colors: one Gatsby and one men's Palty. and one evening at 10 o'clock i started to dye my hair with the gatsby's color. I've bleached my hair but it's still very thick and i didn't allow the color to effect more than 10 mins and when i went to wash it off my hair was gray-purple. mostly dark purple. i had such a breakdown. i started crying and cursing and Rina got all scared, 'cos i was so hysteric. but thanks to Rina, the most kindest person in the universe, she went immediately to get some bleach. after half an hour my hair was back to blond. Not white - as it was BEFORE i put the horrific gray color, but blond. and after using some silver shampoo it's now again back to white. BUT i shall warn you about japanese colors - DON'T TRY THEM __IF YOU HAVE BLEACHED HAIR! honestly. 

I still have the men's palty -color, but i haven't even opened it yet. especially when the package says: men's palty - waterwax hair color. sounds suspicious. i still want the gray hair but next time i'll go to do it with professional's help - and by this i mean hair salon. i don't want anyone to repeat my mistakes so that's why i truly recommend you not to try the same thing that i did. it sucked ass big time! 

Here are the colors. Btw in Japan you can find hair colors
from drug stores and from Don Quijotes. Also some konbinis sell two or three colors.

I also had one accident in our summer cottage. On Friday i suddenly noticed that my lip piercing's tip ( the little ball that keeps it on place) had fallen off. I tried to find it but it was mission impossible. So on Saturday we went to some jewelry shop and i bought a new piercing and after 15mins i discovered that the ball had fallen off AGAIN. I've had this piercing for about 1½ years and the ball has NEVER fallen before. and on one weekend it happened twice. i was so pissed off that my grandmother gave me money to buy a new one - again. So i bought two new ones from korumaailma.fi which is an online shop that has pretty cheap jewelries. today i got those new ones.... but what a waste of money! 

And by the way i got a tattoo!! yay. i wanted to have it before the japan trip but it was impossible. but now it's already completely healed and i absolutely love it!  and here is a CRAPPY photo of it. please accept my apology - i was too lazy to put any make up or anything and i was just going to shower so.............. sorrysorrysorry. 

plus the quality of the pic is 100% horse shit.... :-D LOL

i had to take a picture of the wrap i was in for one day.
that is supposed to be white paper but it's been colored by the ink
and my blood. XD  yummy. 

and now i'll put some of those pics from Tokyo - that was so hard to transfer!

Because i love food!! This was in Saizeriya after a hard party night.
it was about 4-5 o'clock in the morning. 

In izakaya. The blue drink was called titanic -  and i can ensure you
it did sank pretty well. ;----D lol

again in izakaya. a pile of destroyed Edamame. yum! 

a Korean restaurant in Shin Okubo. Those plate sizes were enormous!
neither of us could not finish it.... 

happy Rina and her 0 calories jelly. :D 

(before japan) i love lace.... :)))

and i love those shoes. so comfty and easy to mix with almost everything! 

@Harajuku, FOREVER 21. i bought one jacket -
which is not in the pic btw. XD

it was a very rainy day.... :(

My life resources. 

one Hawaiian restaurant in Odaiba, Venus Fort.
We agreed to spend some money and ordered some expensive drinks. 

@ Karaoke WC. :--D  oh and my new jean west. 

how i spent my time during Rina's japanese classes.
Vitamin Water XXX and Lord of the Rings. I red the whole book
in 2 months. (well 3 of the books.... you know)

from the toilet of Rina's language school. :--D a nice green
wall. and my new jacket and top.

FAKE  t-shirt. love it. ;_;  from ASOS.com

this was after i dyed it purple. :-D pretty good isn't it? haha

and the last night in Tokyo. I love it when they have
yukatas in hotel rooms. :--D  i was just about to go to a bath. 

Okay.... next time i'll tell you something about Japanese guys......... wait for it. it'll be fun. :D or not. 
But now i'll go to watch the London Olympics. Is anyone else interested in sports? oh i love the Olympics. Even thought Finnish athletes are pretty crappy..... Always high hopes but never even competing in the Finals. But that's why i can share my love and cheer up for example Japan or UK. :D 

But once again if you have some questions - feel free to ask! 

Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu! kisses


PS. I bought one men's egg and men's knuckle. Might even do a review...... ;)) what say u?