Blog's New Look

Sooooo I was finally able to do SOME changes to the blog - it's my first day at home with nowhere to go and basically nothing to do, so this was the perfect moment to do some changes. I'm going to do some more after a while, but this is going to be the new look for a while. I want it to be simple and somehow easygoing with not much stuff going on.

I'd want to put some ''all seeing eye'' or some triangle -stuff somewhere, but I'm SO BAD at doing anything with computers that I think I'll have to settle down with this....

By the way, god damn it, it's so beautiful weather and I'm on a pretty happy mood so I think I'll go make a large cup of coffee and enjoy it with my little dog on my lap while watching some movie. (and after that I need to do the dishes and clean the toilets and pack my bag, and take the dog out and.....and...and.....)

But for now, it's me-time and coffee!

PS. I did some video about how to use coconut oil, but I'm not sure if I should post it ? Are you interested about that kind of stuff? It makes me kinda nervous, since I speak English in it and even though my English isn't that bad, I'm freaking out...... lol. I mess up one word in it pretty bad hahaha.

Next time I'll do the post about my diet and maybe post some pictures too!

I can say, that I think I have finally found my true style. I was searching it for a long time after I ditched the gyaru-o / visual kei  look, but now I think I have finally found it, and I'm excited about it. But I still can't toss away all my man-clothes. *sigh*

But until next time,


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