★ It's London Calling! ★

I'm a bit ashamed to admit, that I've never been to Britain or London before... It's not that it's too far away (straight flight from Finland takes about 3 hours) or that I wasn't interested in UK, but more like I've never had the time to go there. I've been so busy going to Tokyo and other trips... But now finally me and my dear friend Riina are going to London to stay with our friend Anna, who is studying in London's University.

It's not going to be a long trip, only 4 nights - which me and Riina are going to spend sleeping on their sofas in their living room. Yes, THEIR. Anna lives with 4 or 5 (I never remember) other people: some other Finnish girls and one British boy. It's gonna be interesting... I'm kinda nervous about sleeping in a ''public'' living room, 'cos I'm not sure about in which positions I sleep, and it would be embarrassing if the British boy came to the living room while us sleeping and he saw my butt hanging loose or something.... LOL. and ps. no i don't sleep naked... 

But anyways it's still nice to stay at Anna's place, 'cos we don't have to pay anything for the nights.

We had some serious troubles with booking the flight. I mean I've booked many many flights and I'm not a novice at the matter, but still..... How hard it can be to get a flight from Finland to London - one of the biggest capitals in Europe? well, apparently it's very fucking difficult! first of all a straight flight from Finland would've been much too expensive (500-600€ - notice that the last year's flight to Tokyo was less than 600€), so we had to take a flight with a stop at Copenhagen. I've been to Copenhagen's airport and I liked it - it was compact, fairly small which i like, and the people were kind.

BUT the first flight we booked was already pretty expensive -  the prices went up and down like crazy (about 390€) and after we had booked it the price went up again! We hadn't gotten the reservation number or confirmation yet, and on the next day they raised the price of our flight with more than 150€!!! I mean what the...?? I got so pissed off. I said that I will definitely not pay that much money for a flight to Europe with one stop included. So we cancelled the flight - thank god it was free to cancel it..

On the same day (Friday) I decided to book the flight by myself and I finally found one pretty good :

Leaving on 24.6. 17:30 from Helsinki Airport
Landing on Copenhagen at 18:10 (local time)

Departure at 20:05 from Copenhagen 
Landing on London at 21:05 (local time)

Return Flight: 

Leaving on 28.6. 10:20 from London Heathrow 
Landing on Helsinki at 15:15 (local time, straight flight, flight time 2h 55min)

and with price: 316.90€ / person. 

I'm happy with this flight. Even though it's still kinda expensive, but at least we're saving by living at Anna's place.

I've been to many countries: Sweden, Hungary, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Turkey, Japan, Thailand....... and the list goes on. But nevertheless I'm always excited about traveling! I more likely use my money on traveling than fancy clothes, phones, electronics, etc.

And the more people you can travel with and meet while traveling, the more merrier! 

So, what are your summer plans? Going to foreign countries? or just enjoying the holiday with friends and family? I'm gonna do both...  We have a midsummer festive in Finland this week and I'm gonna spend it with my Sister and her boyfriend - whom are both very dear to me. It's gonna be fun! Maybe we're gonna go to some road trip with a car?

But we'll see next time after my London journey. :) I'M GONNA TRY TO TAKE AS MUCH PHOTOS AS I CAN!!!! this time....... lol. (word: journey always reminds me of Lord of the Rings or Hobbit... So I'm gonna go bare foot like a good hobbit, and defeat the evil! )


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