Make Up Store : A Big Disappointment

Hey everyone! I'm truly glad to say that the summer is finally here! I'm sitting in front of a fan and enjoying the warmth and sun. I watched the news and they said that the rest of the Europe is battling against floods and cold weather. So I think we Finns should be pretty happy about this weather we have atm. I don't recall any other summer that has had this many extremely warm and sunny days in a row... But I'm not complaining! Even though our dog is having a bit rough time - but cold showers and a fan blowing all the time i think he'll survive! :)

But now back to the topic! So I went to the Make Up Store in Helsinki this one day ( I had a 50€ gift card so I decided to use it and actually buy some expensive make ups, what I usually rarely do!) I Had already checked out from the internet some products that i wanted to buy and i had BIG hopes for them, 'cos I've heard that Make Up Store's products have very good quality!

So This is what I was GOING to buy: 

So all these would have costed 48€ and I was pretty excited about these products! But when I got there (on Thursday morning) all of these products were sold out! Every last one of them. I am obviously too mainstream... But the story doesn't end there, no. Almost all the shelves were half empty (or half full, depending on how optimistic you are). I was truly, truly disappointed! The lady on the counter didn't offer to help me she just sulked there doing something on the computer - probably she was on facebook. DAMN FACEBOOK! Gladly I had my friend with me so I was able to go through the products with her.

I had decided to use the gift card that day, since it was soon to be expired...
So this is what i bought in the end:

Make Up Store: Tanja (shimmer), 14€

Make Up Store: Gardenia, 16€

Make Up Store: Vanilla, 18€
(yes i know the internet site says 16€, but in the shop it was 18€...)

and some mascaras - not obviously from Make Up Store. They were

....and after purchasing an expensive (in my opinion)  nail polish
THIS is what i got!! First of all it wasn't the one I wanted in the
first place - it's a slightly darker color, and now this! 
 And the worst thing was that I threw away the pig paper bag that i got from the shop because i had a grocery store bag and purse, so it was only making my life more difficult and the ticket went in to the garbage bin with the bag, so i couldn't even return or change this damaged one. Honestly! I've never been this unhappy with any store never before! And this is supposed to be high-quality? yeah, right. Never buying anything from Make Up Store again.

one layer of nail polish. I didn't want it to be so glimmering...

And I was also disappointed in the MicroShadow. The color is not appealing on my face and the pigment is not the best what I've seen. I've tried to put some water in it - didn't work out. I mean yes, someone might still like these products and i can't blame her. The brand has a high-value mark on it, and i have heard some good things about it, but I was just so disappointed that I lost my faith in the brand.

I've bought some very low-cost make ups and they've been many times more better than these ones. I think they're not worth the money! It's not always like '' the most expensive ones are the best ''. I have learnt that now... the lipgloss is not bad. It smells and tastes sweet (yes it's important, because i wouldn't want to put something smelly and bad tasting on my lips...... lol)  and it said to give you irresistible lips - and i can grant that: my dog cannot resist my lips after putting on the lipgloss... you decide if that is a good or a bad thing.

but still even though the lipgloss is pretty nice, it is not worth the 16€. I mean you can get as good products with half the price from some basic stores.

I don't want you to get upset about this post. If you like Make Up Store then you should like it even after me mocking it. This is not universal opinion - just mine. I just want to know have you had any experience like  this? Or do you have absolutely the opposite opinion about this store? Please comment and let me know - I'm interested in all the stories! 

Here are some pictures of my coords:  (and other things I've bought)

Lace Dress: Vero Moda, 40€. 

Shirt: From eBay. P.S. Sorry about the derp face.. lol

Black Skull Scarf: Gina Tricot ~8€
White Lace Scarf: Flash, on sale 12€.

Shirt: Amsterdam, NEW YORK 22€
Same Skull Scarf
Jeans: Gina Tricot 35€
Boots: Zalando, ~30€

random stuff.....  snail cream example. 

eBay, Brown MISSHA Brow Mascara. ~11€

ASOS, Studded waist belt. ~5€

ASOS.com Evil Eye bracelet, ~6€

ASOS.com studded bow leather  waist belt, ~6€

Nelly.com it was supposed to be waterproof mascara, but it turned out to be normal one...
lash Building Mascara: 5€
Lip Volume with collagen, lip balm: 3€.
(sting like hell, swelling your lips a bit.. really hurts.. XD )

Dress: Only, from sale ~21€.
necklace: Asos.com ~10€.
Boots: Zalando.

we went to the movies to watch the new Evil Dead. it was pretty good..
Even though they had changed it from the original movie,
which was made in the 80's. 

This was all of it for now!  Thank you for reading! Leave comment and questions. :)) see you!!


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