★ When the Sun doesn't shine ★

HELLO everyone!

 I'm sad to tell you that today when I was about to do my first gyaru-o/visual kei hair tutorial-video, a friend of mine called and informed that she'll come here for a coffee. So now I unfortunately have to do the tutorial some other day when I have time. ;_;  I was all set up to do it, but I also wanted to see my friend, so I'm sorry!

My most humble apologies!

btw  check out how long my hair is... :D LOL haven't noticed it before.

Okay then I have some other pictures that I have token randomly....

I was coming from a friend's B-day party. 

..that's why my hair is all flat...

My country-look! :D

(@ Tokyo) We were going to Karaoke with Tooru. 

the shirt is from FOREVER 21 @ Tokyo  (and I love it. *--*)

@ Tokyo. this was supposed to be an american breakfast or something...? :D

Rina's meal at the same place. 

and my onion-thingy also from the same place. BUT THAT WAS SO DELICIOUS!!!  

I think it was Korean food..?

@ Harajuku. Pura <3 
Next time I'll do the hairtuto or the men's knuckle preview! Tomorrow we go to see an abandoned mental institution with my friend. I hope it fulfills my expectations. If I remember, I try to take some pictures/videos from there and then maybe show them here. Ofc it would be very neat if there would happen something supernatural or mysterious, but I'm happy if the place only gives me some creeps. Oh and I have forgotten to mention that I've been on a diet and have lost 2kg! I'm pretty happy about it :)  now I just have to keep it up and stay strong! may the force be with me!

But now I'll go to watch a movie with my brother so see you again! :)


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  1. i love your styl (;___; )
    pretty girl


  2. owww, thank you so much. ;_; <3 it's so nice to hear that you like my style. even though i feel myself kinda distorter (lol :D ) when changing my style from boy to girl and girl to boy. XD it flings with my mood! hehe. And thank you - you pretty gal ;) <3


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