[ Men's egg Preview Vol. 2 ]

o, I'm already home from Japan! Aw man, we had a nice trip again. (almost) perfect country, perfect people and perfect travel mates. I didn't have time to do more posts from there, 'cos well u know, I didn't go to Japan just to sit in front of computer?

Anygays we did all kinds of stuff, including shopping, partying (drinking....), eating, traveling, swimming.... and we also went to Summer Sonic to see the GazettE and other bands ofc... We also made some new friends and it was really sad to leave them... I don't have the patient to tell the whole stories right now, so if u want to know, go check out our travel-blog from here --->  GROOVY-MOTION!

Also go to listen Monogram's music from youtube and go check out their web site!

Youtube link - Monogram   (CLICK!)

Home Page  (CLICK!)

We found these dudes playing guitar on the street and signing and we were truly impressed! The taller one is Go (Gou) and the smaller (though older) is Hiroshi. Hiroshi can also play Harmonica (Jew's harp, echo harp..). We went to see them 4 times when they were playing and became friends. They are so nice and thoughtful! We also met their other fans and became friends with them too... So if you have time, please go check out their music! :)

But now it's time to end all the chit-chatting and get serious!


( magazine: September 2011, VOL: 144)

The Cover (top)

Takazumi Hikichi & Akihiro Ishigaki presenting American Vintage Style

Takazumi Hikichi  (he's one of my favorite model) Presents American Casual Style

Yukihide Sawamoto & Seii Teramoto [ Big T-Shirt]

Yukihide & Seii,  Rock Style

Daichi Tanaka, Takeshi Yamada, Akihiro Ishigaki and Yukihide Sawamoto

Daichi Tanaka / as you can see, fur is no more added in leather jackets! ;_;

Street Snaps from Tokyo! psst No. 20 is also a salesman in Vanquish (Shibuya 109-2).
Met him there. So cute! <3 and only 19-years old. i fell in love.. 

Don't know the models, but this is CO&LU ad. 

Love his pants and shirt!

Leopardddddddd~ all over the place! :D

The Cover (Back). 

I'm sorry for the bad quality of these scans, but our scanner is pretty old.....

That's it for now! Hope you liked it and please leave a comment, questions etc etc!

PS. oho, se kysely loppukin jo! :D nojaa, mut joo oon tyytyväinen tohon yhteen ''lol?'' -vastaukseen tuolla, koska se oli lievästi munkin mielipide. En nyt sano, että alotan twittaamisen, mutta mitä tahansa voi tapahtua! hehe. Tuun sitten ilmoittamaan, jos päätän niin tai näin. Teen sitten ehkä jossain vaiheessa, kun saan aikaiseksi, niin postauksen japanishoppailuista. jeejee


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