I Replace the Reality With Art

I forgot to mention this: I did this deer skull for a X-mas present to my aunt's new boyfriend. He's almost 2 meters tall and rides a Harley Davidson and listens to (ofc) heavy metal. So when he asked me to draw/paint him something as a present I panicked. I have in some ways a dark imagination and style in art, but I was still nervous. So I decided to go with a deer skull. I did it with 4 different pencils - one was very hard and three were softer.

The picture is not so good since I was in a hurry and had to take a picture of it in a poor light.... Not in daylight as I would have wanted. 

And this was the original model.

The right antler looks little bit too big, but that's just because the paper is a bit bent. (the right one is bigger irl, but not that much). I really enjoyed doing this and I guess I'll have another go with some other animal skull in the future. Maybe add some color to it, too. And I'm not able to take a better picture of it, since X-mas already went and that work is with its new owner now - in Germany to be precise. 


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