Dress Me Up!

I'm listening to Of Monsters and Men and trying to be proactive! I already reduced the size of this one dress that I bought and made one old jumper into a pillowcase - sounds weird but it actually worked out quite well! I just have to add some buttons on it so I'll be able to close it up. Here's the pillow:

I can tell you that the fabric is soooo rubbery! I could never have worn the jumper in the first place 'cos of the fabric, but I like that Dia de Los Muertos -style picture so I decided to recycle the whole shirt.

I promised that I would show the new dress that I bought, so here it is!

pssst! Just so you know, I didn't have basically any eye make up (hence the sunglasses) and my hair is also just on a quick messy bun so don't judge my look, okay? 

the dress is from:  Te Amo. Bought it from Nelly.com
The Necklace is from:  Mi Lajki.
Shoes: self tuned H&M shoes.

I must wear some sort of jacket with this dress during the autumn/winter, since the dress is so open
that otherwise I would freeze. 

Other option for the leather jacket is this furry coat. It's quite warm and very comfortable.

I also thought about these shoes. They're heel is much higher
but they're so comfortable on! Both coat and shoes are bought
from retail shops.

So which one of these looks do you prefer? Or should I mix them up? Leather jacket or fur coat? The dress came with see-trough straps, and I think I'm gonna put them on because I don't trust the dress to stay up just because it's tight - and the last thing I wanna end up is having my boobs blob out in the middle of a party. LOL. That would certainly light up the night.  I was thinking about wearing this at my step-mother's 50th Birthday party in next month. And of course I'm gonna wear my hair down with curls and without the sunglasses, because like Dean Winchester said, everyone who wears shades indoors is a douche. Hehe.

Here's also some other pictures unrelated to the dress:

My favorite woolly jumper. From retail shop.
And also PU leather pants. 

(Nemo is sleeping behind me... lol)

I rarely wear this kind of red lipstick anymore - I prefer the more dark and and lilac ones nowadays. 

This Marvel shirt is one of my favorite tops at the moment. 

And the final look. This pretty much sums up how I look when I'm dressed casually. Like when I'm going
shopping or hanging with my friends. 

Oh and PS. we went to Linnanmäki last month with my three friends. For someone who doesn't know, Linnanmäki is an amusement park in Helsinki. It's over 50-years-old and therefore the oldest amusement park in Finland. This was also the last time we saw Rina, since she moved to Australia after this. I miss her so much! She's the one in the red shirt.

Standing in a queue. Going to Vekkula. And we were having a
great time despite our gloomy faces. And my hair was all messed
up and flat because of the rides.  ( the man behind is photo
bombing us.... )

first ride! The Coffee cups! It's probably for children but we decided
to start easy. So much funnn! 

Next time I'm gonna show you my shoes collection! I'm not much of a shoe-person and I buy shoes pretty seldom, but still I have managed to collect a good amount of different kinds of shoes. Even worse I'm with bags - I buy one and use it everyday for years and then I buy another one. Shame on me for being bad at being a woman! But I have always been a little manly in some ways. You should see my movie collection! I just counted that I have almost 250 movies plus TV-series on DVD. And they're all action or horror movies. I have almost 30 zombie movies..... yeah. true story bro! (well I have LOTR, Hobbits and Star Wars movies too........)

Leave a comment or two and let me know what you think! 


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